Poster for the Avalokiteśvara Trust

Poster,logo and banner for the Avalokiteśvara Trust. Do visit their facebook page . One of the key projects currently run under the umbrella of the Avalokiteśvara Trust is FOUNTAIN OF LEARNING Fountain of Learning a.k.a FOL, is an initiative to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh. For the year 2012, FOL is setting up libraries in Ladakh, the remote ice desert region of the Himalayas. Get in touch with them at in case you would like to contribute some children's books or help in other ways. You will make some very sweet children very happy :)


Sai Pranav A said…
I'am not able to get a reply from them on that e-mail address. Is there some alternative?
Is there some way i can get to know more about this organisation?
My id is

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