illustrations for natural justice

Illustrations for South Africa based Natural Justice ;

 Lawyers for Communities and the Environment is a 
non-profit organization,that aims to  facilitate the 
full and effective participation of Indigenous 
peoples and local communities in the 
development and implementation of laws and 
policies that relate to the conservation and 
customary uses of biodiversity and the
 protection of associated cultural heritage. 
 The document for which the 
illustrations were done can be seen at


Arjun said…
Awesome work!
priya kuriyan said…
Thank you , Arjun :) !
Dyuti Mittal said…
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Dyuti Mittal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
priya kuriyan said…
Hey Dyuti , I have drawn /painted all of it by hand and then I scanned it . In this case I haven't used a tablet at all . I actually almost never use the tablet to draw .. I find my hand is never steady enough. I use it to colour stuff however. So, I usually ink outlines of most of these drawings , scan them and then fill in colour.
Hope i've answered your queries well enough :)
Nimish Gor said…
Hi..priyaji, i have seen your drawings in "biocultural community protocols: toolkit for community facilitators" in your drawings i have seen amazing sharpness,nice color combination, geometry and variety in one drawings...very nice covered forest, varieties of trees and fruits, birds and animals, livelihoods, Nature..very nice job
priya kuriyan said…
Thank you , Mr Nimish !

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