When Ali became Bajrangbali

Here are pages from a Tulika book I recently illustrated. This delightful
 story has been written by Devashish Makhija . This is one spunky
simian we have here !


Priyanka said…
Oh Wow again cant wait! Priya you are awesome! I have a whole lot of Tulika books for my kid and 'jalebi curls'is one of my fav! ....when is urs out?
priya kuriyan said…
Hey Priyanka ! Thank you !!
Even I love Jalebi curls and Kavita (my friend who illustrated it )is a wonderful artist :)
Ali.. Bajrangbli , should be out in the next two weeks in most of the bookstores :)
warning - these pictures will make you want to eat the book. so get two copies - one to eat, the other for your kid. :)
priya kuriyan said…
haha Devashish ..I'm already force feeding this to the kids I know !

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