Stories of Wit and Wisdom

The first attempt at a a cover for a series of kid's books
 called 'stories of wit and wisdom'. (Puffin)

and the final illustrations


jazzlamb said…
I'm a sucker for black and white, so I really love the first illustration much more than the finals, but they're all really nice :) Kudos!
priya kuriyan said…
same here :( . I would have loved to do the entire series in silhouettes. Thanks again !
kunal kundu said…
Anyone except for certain someone from Penguin would agree that your first attempt was way better than the finals.
The finals are nice..... but you know what I mean! : )
sathish said…
wow. The shadow(silhouettes) cover is lovely. one of the best covers I have seen this year.
priya kuriyan said…
Thank you !
@Kundu be honest it was the marketing team that thought the cover wouldn't work
Anniesen said…
I love the style of these covers, Priya. And I agree with all the comments -- the two-tone cover is spectacular!

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