Taranauts 3


Anonymous said…
your pictures are amazing!I'm a student of design, and your work is a big inspiration.

could you please do a post on the materials you use - paper, paints, etc. .. to help us fledgling scribblers along?

also, do you ever go digital in your work, or do you prefer rendering by hand?
Nandu said…
Priya, I'm awed not just by your work but also how prolific you are!
What's the typical time frame of your projects?
priya kuriyan said…
Thank you so much,Radha.
I usually combine hand renderings with digital.
I like using colour pencils with poster colours,a lot :)...and no special paper . Mostly it's your regular cartridge sheet .
Where do you study?
priya kuriyan said…
Thanks, Nandu
Usually depends on what the project is but I prefer not prolonging them for more than a month
meghna rosa said…
good...this is great....why did u stop following me??
mathewnevin said…
Just because you've posted other covers of the same series-
People actually read this stuff?
Radha said…
Hi , Radha again.
I shall look with new respect at catridge now :)
To answer yr question, architecture at TVB.. but I'm really more interested in illustration than construction (yikes!!)

And adding to Nandu's question, how long does a drawing take you.. your wonderful forest scenes, for instance? or the panels of the calendar (that I have hunted for -in vain- in bookstores everywhere)?
priya kuriyan said…
@Radha, would love to see some of your illustrations.
The reason you couldnt find the calender was that it wasn't meant for sale :(. It was made for manipal printers so that they could give it away as corporate gifts to their clients . That one took me around a month to do .
Sinu said…
Hey there, you got some lovely illustrations going here!!! Very vibrant, colorful and stylized! Keep up the good work :)

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