taranauts 2 coming soon


Ashoo said…
hi priya..

youve got a very simple & likeable illustration style.. with some very vivid & fun colors going along beautifully..!!

your calendar art & Unicef work is too good.. takes me back to my childhood kind of place..
cheers & keep rolling such sweet artworks..

abhishek singh said…
heyy!! kuri like usual ,beautiful!! love the worlds you create in your paintings:)
priya kuriyan said…
Thanks Abhishek , Ashoo!
kookiejar said…
Hey, thanks for dropping by. Come here often, but didn't comment before as I wanted to blog properly by posting something on my blog first!

Great posts..... love the bear tales and the character designs down there.
deepazartz said…
Really gr8...love your style!
First time here...love it!

Each and every art is just fab:) Really hard to pick one out.

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