The Taranauts are here

I recently illustrated a children's book for Hachette. This is an exciting new series called Taranauts and it's been written by Roopa Pai . For more on the series you can go to Considering the way kids were totally engrossed during the story telling session by Roopa at bookaroo, ( the series is sure to be really popular. Here is the cover as well as some of the other illustrations for the book. The cover's been done using water colours and the publishers did a neat job by using lovely green foil while printing it!


Roopa said…
Hey Priya!!!

Was absolutely BRILLIANT meeting you at Bookaroo! Thanks for posting about the Taranauts on your blog!
priya kuriyan said…
likewise Roopa !
looking forward to some more taranauts :)
Hi Priya,

Great work. Love the inks AND the colors.
Sushma said…
Brilliant!! Incredible attention to detail, humour and riotous colours in your work! I'm a fan of your work now :)
Anshu said…
Hi Priya,

Love your pictures. I am trying to find your e-mail (could not find it)to see if you would be interested to create some illustrations for me. What is the best way to contact you?

Thank you
priya kuriyan said…
Thanks Anshu, you could mail me at
Pleiades said…
You're brilliant! In case you're wondering how I got here, I work with Pratham and found a link to your blog on the Pratham Books blog. We regularly order Pratham books for our schools. Will keep me eyes open for your illustrations now. :) Keep drawing!

abhishek singh said…
heyyy!!! kuri , this is awesome work!! goes without saying it looks BRILLIANT!! i hope to catch this book!
n thanks for droppin by ..always eagerly waiting for updates on your blog!!!
Pelao said…
Great job, Priya...!
All the best from Montevideo.
Jayshree K said…
Hey Priya! Lovely to have found your blog! I absolutely love your work and am really happy to see new projects here on this blog! It's fantastic!

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