one more cover


SooSixty said…
hi have awarded you a brilliant weblog award! check my blog for details!
SooSixty said…
the blog
Swati said…
I like these images! I have a young child, and have recently become interested in illustrations for kiddie books - buying half of the books because of the beautiful art in them - so I am quite excited at having found your blog. Don't know why though. I mean what can I see here that I can't see in the books, but I am!
Fingers said…
kudiyan! so nice to see your work :)

Swati said…

Please do post some more! Have been waiting to look at your work.

Am also linking to your sesame street video post in my blog - today.

Bondhu said…
Hi Kurian....i sat and went thru all ur intricate..patiently done art works and animation.....they are just so nice...ur blog made my "damp gloomy" day...:)They r just brilliant....will keep coming and visit...will ad to my blog list also..a must watch for all :)
Shreyas said…
Found you through bondhu's blog.
Love your work!


Swati said…

regarding books, you might be interested in today's post, and a few more to come over at my blog


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