Monday, July 7, 2014

Thinkling magazine's monsoon 2014 issue

Here's the cover for Thinkling magazine's latest issue. 

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jaya mehta said...

Dear priya, have loved your illustrations for my children's books as well as the Thinkling! The map of district park was great! I am Jaya Mehta, an Odissi dancer. I work extensively on connecting children with the joy of classical dance through uniqueworkshops like 'Mum,ME and Odissi'. You can see a glimpse of my work at

I write to you as I am planning to develop children's stories on Indian classical dance, like there are books abroad connecting kids to ballet and Flamenco. In case you would like to illustrate and co-publish these stories kindly let me know. I have stories on Kathakali and Manipuri to illustrate.

please contact me on

Jaya Mehta